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Wed, Oct. 25th, 2006, 08:05 am
last post?

I have a new journal.

It's alwaysontherun

You should all re-add me.

It had just been too long, this journal felt useless to me. I needed something new, but I can't bring myself to delete this one quite yet. Anyway, I promise to update on a semi regular basis over there, so.. you really should add me. Cuz reading my Friends List is really the best part of LJ land.

The End.

Fri, Aug. 18th, 2006, 12:58 am
Snakes on crack!

I have brought this journal out of retirement to state this:

The only thing better than watching snakes on a motherfucking plane was the AUDIENCE hissing continually and being so obnoxious and funny that I nearly died ever 2 seconds.

I am probably going to be sore tomorrow from being SOOOO entertained.

"why would you kill someone with a baseball bat while wearing a white suit?"


Funny the plane was from Honolulu. EVERYTHING is about honolulu these days. Still. I'm too entertained for words. That is all.

Mon, Jul. 10th, 2006, 07:30 pm

hello lovely livejournalers!

I just wanted to say..

If anyone needs or knows of anyone who needs a place to live in a lovely spot in Portland, you should call me like ASAP. Because we possibly need another roommate for a possibly very cool house.

Also, to bring everyone up to date on how life goes, it goes thus: I just got back from disneyland. i work nights now at my sadly non-haunted hospital. Life goes on.


Sun, May. 28th, 2006, 02:32 pm

Lots of political and personal babble underneath the cut. Very stream of conscious entry, not proofed or spell checked or antyhing, I don't want any comments on my grammar or punctuation, and i'm screening comments because I don't want any lame ones.

Also, it gets a bit religious, and a bit offensive, but I'm not forcing you to read it. So there.

money matters, immigration, and other thingsCollapse )

Thu, May. 25th, 2006, 02:42 pm

Jen is awesome. I just think you should all know that. Even my internet stalkers, hence the public post. She takes requests and sends me music at work and doesn't even question my choices. I can't help what gets stuck in my head.

Um.. so I'm at work. Isn't that exciting? It's my lunch break. I had to take it early, but at least I managed to get out of phones for the rest of the day. Everyone here freaks out when I walk around with my heels in Cytology, because they wax the floor like 10x's a day so it's really slippery, and you're supposed to wear tennis shoes but since I work in like 10 departments I have to adhere to like 10 dress codes, and the office area requires nice shoes and no tennies. It doesn't bother me though, because I know how to walk just fine in my heels over waxed floors. I can even hop, skip, and run.

See how bored I am? I'm babbling about shoes. I don't get to go home for like... ever. And it's only THURSDAY. Justin has apparently fallen off the face of the planet, but if he reappears perhaps we'll still get to see poseidon. Otherwise I have to go see it tomorrow with my family.

It's very unfortunate Kim has to work all weekend. My father is all gung-ho about taking us out in the mountains and teaching Kim to shoot guns. It's important to know how to do these things, after all. When zombies take over the world, I won't be the helpless one. Between the plethora of swords and ninja stars over at Erica and Morgan's apartment, and the array of pistols and rifles here, I'm so set. I can't wait, really. And unlike the loser democrat in The Hills Have Eyes, when I'm being stalked by deformed things, I won't be all "no.. guns are wrong." I'll be shooting a safety shot into their eyeballs every chance I get.

God. I want to go HOOOOOOME. In 5ish hours, I can! I apologize for the waste of a post. I needed to kill a half an hour so I wouldn't go eat all the free food. I bought new pants yesterday, and they were a size 5, and so they're a bit tight and require me not to eat while in them, but it's worth it. Cuz I was a size 9 two weeks ago. Haha, it's like I took the Special K challenge. Except I didn't. Cuz cereal is only good when you can eat the whole box in one sitting. And if I only ate cereal for 2 weeks, I think I'd kill someone. My tastebuds require meat, or they shrivel up and die, and take my lifeforce with them. Mmm... meat.

Wed, Mar. 22nd, 2006, 09:40 am
Hills Have Eyes and zombie tips and other various things.

Being Free Popcorn Tuesday, Kim and I went to see The Hills Have Eyes.

in which I discuss the movie.. sorta spoilery, but nothing major, unless you're a democratCollapse )

ALSO - If ever we are in a situation where we are being attacked by mutants/zombies/psychotics/monsters, or anything else that's trying to do us mortal harm, I AM IN CHARGE OF THE GUNS! And everything else, for that matter. Firstly, I've shot guns before, thanks to my family being the... gun type. If you don't believe me.. you should spend a Christmas with me. But anyway, I know how to shoot guns, as my father likes to take me down to the shooting range. Which, btw, is a bit creepy.. because there's all these people standing around you with LOADED WEAPONS and you're just like.. wow, I hope they don't go crazy right now, that would suck.

Anyway, see, I'm very good at survival, and dont freak out easily, so if there is ever a hostile takeover going on, just come find me. If you can't find me, and I'm not answering my phone, and you still want to live.. just follow these rules, you'll be fine:

important survival tipsCollapse )

ANYWAY. Then we watched Sister Act. Funny ha ha movie. Catholics are amusing, especially our nuns. "Cold water.. no electricity.. it was hell. THOSE were nuns!"

Also, Sister Act has great previews in its special features section.

I'm glad that soon I will be living with Kim, so we can just sit around watching lame movies all the time. And by all time time, I mean when we aren't working, cuz Kim does that so freaking much. On the bright side of life, at least we get to go to a free screening of Thank You For Smoking today. Man, I love all these free screenings that we get.

Anyway. I must go prepare for VEGAS now. Speaking of which, Leah, I'll be at your house sometime around 6ish tomorrow if that works for you.

Fri, Feb. 24th, 2006, 06:04 pm
i write again!

i am a failure at making controlled fires.

i don't think i'm very good at stability, either. i wish i knew someone with a boat. clearly, i need to make rich friends. maybe i should go hang out at the heathman hotel some more. that nearly worked last time..

i just ate a box of cracker jacks, but the prize was very dissapointing. i am going to go ease my sorrows by watching tv and eating taco bell and ice cream. i don't even want taco bell. but it's here, so i might as well eat it.

mardi gras is coming up. someone should come over and drink Katrina Juice with me for it. What is that, you might ask? well, it is whatever liquor and whatever liquids you can find, all mixed up together until it starts to look like sewage and/or the flooded streets of new orleans. The concept might be a tad insensitive, but as long as I continue to make smart life decisions, such as living above sea level, I will continue to laugh at those who are idiots.


Sat, Jan. 21st, 2006, 01:28 am

just FYI..

for certain people..

i got a new phone. same #. it works, you can call me.

i can't call you, i don't have your number.

i probably won't answer the first time you call.

it scares me when it rings..

Tue, Jan. 10th, 2006, 06:25 pm
Death = best stalker ever!

I just saw the trailer for Final Destination 3.

I am sad I will not be able to own it on DVD (and thus, watch it in slo-mo and zoomed in) for a long time.

Roller Coasters of DEATH. Genius. Makes me want to go to Disneyland for its premire.

It comes out Feb. 10th. Justin, if you don't go see it with me that very day, I will kill you. And since I told you in advance, you'll be ready for my sneaky death plots, and somehow manage to avoid it, and then the fun will REALLY begin.

Tue, Jan. 10th, 2006, 02:16 pm
looky looky looky! I have something to say here!

thank you to all those who let me send all my text messages and pictures to, so that they can send them back to me tonight, once i have my new phone. i just couldn't bear to lose some things. i'll let you know when said new phone is working. ps - i think the number will still be the same, i haven't enough creepy stalkers this time of year to justify changing it.

i have sent my cousin a postcard.

i have sent amanda a get well card.

i have done my civic duties for the day.

also, i LOVE psu for not being assholes. i haven't paid my tuition in quite a few terms, but they did not repremand me! they just let me sign up for the extra class i needed.

I watched Spanglish last night out of boredom. The voice over narration was almost more than my sober self could bear, and the fact that Tea Leoni's character was supposed to be crazy bothered me a bit, because I related quite well to her, and Adam Sandler was a major pussy in that movie, and the fact that it was all about some illegal immigrant that refused to learn english that we were supposed to sympathize with didn't really strike my fancy either. But i did quite enjoy the alcoholic mother.

"I gave up drinking weeks ago! No, no one noticed. Which leads me to believe that I behaved myself as a drunk quite well!"

um. that is all.

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